About Us


The Crayons Pre-Educare's Vision is to be recognised as one of the most inspirational and nurturing educational establishment in the India, where our children are given the opportunity to discover and pursue their dreams.

Our mission is to provide our children with high quality education and individualised care, delivered by our motivated, dedicated and compassionate educators.


To nurture the "STARS" of tomorrow by providing superior learning experiences through quality pre-school and childcare curriculum backed by the best infrastructurak support


  • We celebrate differences
  • We keep it real
  • We encourage imagination
  • We love learning
  • We respect our world

Why Choose Us?

  • Excellent adult child ratio
  • Integrated preschool - childcare facility
  • Convenient timings for pick-up and drop off
  • Exclusive curriculum with age appropriate activities
  • Qualified and trained staff
  • State-of-the art infrastructure
  • Concept based learning studios with rich resources
  • High quality standards
  • Our Infrastructure

    We make liberal use of play/learn equipment to teach in effective manner. The equipment is not only fun but also satisfies a child’s natural curiosity. They enhances their desire for playing and ultimately they end up learning in safe and aesthetically appealing place. With the help of play and learn equipment’s we prepare our students for direct experience. These equipment’s target their senses and arouse their imagination.
    Classroom are designed to provide a vibrant and safe learning experience. Conducive coloring scheme, adequate lighting, optimum ventilation, scientific sitting arrangement and perfect geometry classroom equipped with display boards and state-of-the-art audio- visual facilities make our classrooms an effective place for teaching and learning. One maids are dedicated to every class to assist teacher in classroom management.
    Medical check-up by competent doctor are organized periodically to examine, eye sight, oral health and general health of the child. Our psychologist help in developing effective academic program, assist in academic interventions, behavioral strategies for students. Counselling services is provided depending upon the need of child and situation.
    To inspire the love for reading our serene library is colored with pleasing colors, stocked with interesting & relevant study material. Fully ventilated spacious area entice students to spend some time here in reading. As digital world is gaining prominence lot many online publications for kids were subscribed.


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